How To Control Night-Time Compulsive Eating

delicious food and wine - compulsive eatingCompulsive eating: many of us do their best to stay healthy and enjoy a healthy diet.

We enjoy our fruit, vegetables, dairy and limited carbohydrates and protein.

But after dinner something happens!

Suddenly the urge to fill up with just a little more of something extra special (like chips, ice cream or something similar) becomes overwhelming. After all, you’ve been eating healthy food all day, so surely a little treat won’t hurt. This is compulsive eating.

Unfortunately for you, it will hurt!

You see, the time of day that you take calories onboard counts quite a lot. When you take on food energy in the morning you have several hours to expend the energy, while eating at night gives the sugar nowhere to go except into body fat.

Karen Reed explains this in detail in her excellent article “8 Ways to Stop Comfort Eating Late At Night”.

This article offers a number of steps that you can take that will reduce the urge for compulsive eating late at night.

  1. Substitute healthy alternatives – if you have to reach for something, try to reach for something that does you less harm
  2. Eat whole foods to stay full – try to eat dinners that have a low G.I. ratings, and will take longer for your body to process
  3. Try not to get bored – at times that you don’t have anything to keep your interest, try to find another activity when your food craving hits
  4. Don’t shop for food when you’re tired – your willpower isn’t at its best when you feel tired, so it’s best not to shop at these times so you won’t fill your trolley with junk food
  5. Keep variety in your food choices – try to maintain a number of different foods through the week to cover a broad range of nutritional choices
  6. Look after your circadian rhythm – try to get into the habit of sticking to a timetable of when you eat and go to bed – and if you have trouble getting to sleep, try reading
  7. Don’t feel hungry – your body may be able to supress a desire for food during the day when you’re busy, but lose control when the sun goes down
  8. Water: the hunger suppressor – at times it’s difficult to tell whether we’re hungry or thirsty, and drinking water during or after eating may also help

While these suggestions can help, there may still be times when your snack cravings may get the better of you. Just be aware of your slip-up, and provide a little more self-discipline.

When this does happen, don’t stress about it, since this may well make things worse.

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Christmas Ham as A Main Course

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a Christmas ham on the table for Christmas Eve as the main course.

For Appetizer, you can choose Spinach and Goat Cheese Tartlets and for the Fish Course Meal, you can choose different fish recipes all over the world.

So here are 3 different Christmas ham recipes:

Honey Glazed Ham

This tastes like the famous honey baked ham but costs much less, from AllRecipes by Colleen.

Christmas Ham

Image by: annie


[Read more…]

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Fish Course Meals for Christmas For Every Continent

If you’re hosting a Christmas Eve Party or get-together then you want some fish course meal to be a part of your menu then this article is for you.

We’ve gathered a variety of fish recipes for Christmas from every continent, so you’ll be covered no matter where you live.

So whatever your location, religion, beliefs, tradition and culture, a fish course meal will never go wrong. Here are some of the best recipes from different continents:

Christmas Fish Course Meal from Africa

Fish Couscous

Fish Couscous is popular in Tunisian Coast, published in Food by mersaydees. The total preparation time for this dish is 2 hours and 10 minutes.

Fish Course Meal for Christmas

Photo by: mersaydees

[Read more…]

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Christmas Holiday Appetizer – Spinach and Goat Cheese Tartlets

Christmas Appetizer

Credit: Recipe courtesy of Susan Stockton for Food Network Magazine

Christmas is almost here again; we can feel the holiday season coming.

This is the time of the year that every family gets together for the celebration of love, friendship, blessing, and life.

Christmas is also a time of the year where we appreciate good food. And the first course that we often enjoy is the appetizer. This is a small serving of food or drink that we enjoy at the beginning of a meal to stimulate our desire to eat.

So, before anything else, we present a stylish appetizer which is easy to make yet elegant from Food Network, recipe by Susan Stockton.

Holiday Appetizer Recipe

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Turkey Recipes for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. It is a national holiday celebrated in the United States and Canada, and now several other countries also observe similar celebrations.

People celebrate this event as a way of giving thanks for all the blessings they get this year and for the preceding year.

Turkey Recipes

The most common food that we serve our family and friends at Thanksgiving is turkey, so here are three turkey recipes for all of you thanksgivers.


A very easy Thanksgiving recipe from AllRecipes where you put the turkey inside an oven bag, and the turkey is cooked in a moist environment because all the juice of the turkey remains in the bottom of the bag. You can also make gravy out of the turkey’s juice.

Turkey Recipes [Read more…]

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5 Easy No Bake Recipes

No oven? No Problem!

We have collected 5 recipes for you that are easy and quick to make, and that don’t require you to use your oven.

Dessert and cake lovers will definitely enjoy these “no bake” recipes, and they’re ideal for you to make with your kids.

Here are 5 mouth-watering no bake recipes:

Vegan Chocolate Bars

These 3 ingredient chocolate bars are perfect recipe for dark chocolate lovers. With only three ingredients you can create a wonderful dessert by Sally’s Baking Addiction.

No Bake Recipe

Image courtesy of: Sally’s Baking Addiction [Read more…]

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5 Easy Recipe for Halloween

Halloween is now an enjoyable event celebrated in USA and other countries for centuries. The most popular tradition during Halloween is Trick-or-Treat and many people go out for Halloween parties.

Here are 5 easy recipes that we find for you for your party treats:

Halloween Eye of Newt

Halloween Recipe

Image from Debbie in AllRecipes

Recipe by: Angela O. [Read more…]

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Kinilaw: A Filipino Ceviche and Poké

KinilawKinilaw is a Filipino staple dish. Just like our previous article Poké, raw fish will be used to prepare this dish and like Ceviche an acid will be used to cook the fish. Ceviche uses citrus but Kinilaw preferred vinegar.

A Tale of Kinilaw

There is a tale about the King and his Royal Cook that provides a possible explanation for the invention of Kinilaw. This story is from the Choose Philippines website, as told by Belle Piccio: [Read more…]

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Poké Some More!

Poké Salad

Photo Credit: Kirk K

Poké Salad originated in Hawaii, then became a big thing in the United States and now is becoming trendy in Australia and other countries.

Change is here! People nowadays want healthy food, so let’s get to discover this kind of salad.

What is Poké?

Poké pronounced as “Po-Kay” is a staple seafood dish that originated from Hawaii with a Japanese influence.

Poké means to cut or slice, and this is what you will do to the raw fish of your preference.

Raw fish will be seasoned with local flavors such as sesame oil, soy sauce, and onions.

Add some vegetables or fruits for a healthier salad. [Read more…]

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New Craze: Black Ice Cream

Black Ice Cream

Credits to the owner of the photo – Pari

Ice cream comes in different color. Rainbow colors and everything in between. It is a sweetened frozen dessert, usually made from dairy products. But have you eaten black ice cream? Yes! You heard it right; there’s a new craze in town – Black Ice Cream!

A lot of memes appear in social media about black ice cream. Some say it matches their soul (^_^). Have you been wondering what flavor it is, how it tastes and how to make it?

In this article by Matt O’Connor in Epicurious, he shares a recipe for making a black ice cream out of black licorice.

Here are the ingredients: [Read more…]

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