Finding the Go-to Eating Places in Chiang Mai, Thailand

 Chiang Mai

Credit: xiquinhosilva

The opportunity to feast on something authentic is an experience looked forward to by any traveler. Don’t let it slip through your hands simply because you don’t know any better. These days, the Internet is a trove of treasures/information. You have the ability to check out dining places in your destination without leaving your seat in a matter of minutes.

There are also apps you can upload in your smartphone that you can use to find these restaurants. Take a pick from this Forbes’ list of 10 Best Apps For Traveling Like A Local by Tracey Greenstein. She writes, “… these smart applications will help you travel through the eyes of a local….” The list includes: [Read more…]

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Demystifying Potluck


Credit: Luke Jones

You must have used the word “potluck” and joined one yourself numerous times; it is a no-brainer. Almost everyone did, you know what the word “potluck” means?

If you are invited to a party and you’re told it’s a potluck, what are you expected to do? Bring a dish, of course.  So, why is a party or an impromptu gathering call for a “potluck”?

How the Term was Coined

The Straight Dope in the post What’s the origin of “potluck”? writes, “The current usage would lead one to associate it with the potlatch of Native Americans of the northwest, but the true origin is in the Middle Ages, in Europe.The potlatch was a big celebration — often the host would give all his possessions away. The modern notion of bringing dishes to share (in essence, giving away what you have) seems like a natural extension of this idea.”

The practice can be traced all the way up the medieval times when preserving food was a long, tedious process. Potluck is said to be done in the spirit of saving food, or not throwing any leftover.  So, leftovers are put in a pot to be kept warm and shared with others who come on short notice. It was often practiced in places such as inns and taverns. When a person shows up, the person is said to take the “luck of pot.”

[Read more…]

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Sounds of Silence: Signature Dining Under the Stars at Ayer’s Rock/Uluru

Dining Under the Stars

Credit: Robyn Lee

Matt Long of Landlopers thought it would be another “over-touristy experiences.” Intrigued, he gave Sounds of Silence a try. He made his account in Embracing the Corny in Australia – Sounds of Silence Dinner Experience.

“… A trip to Uluru, or Ayers Rock, tends to be fairly scripted. The resort experience is like a cruise ship in the desert and every option for activities and meals tends to be controlled by the same company. That’s why I wasn’t sure if the Sounds of Silence dinner would actually be worthwhile, but I’m glad I took the leap and embraced the corny.”

The Landmark:

Dining under the stars in Sound of Silence is a signature activity that you can only experience at Ayers Rock or Uluru, its aboriginal name. The icon is among the world’s greatest wonders and one of the most recognizable Australian landmarks. It is a magnetic mound like England’s Silbury Hill and a major planetary grid point like Egypt’s Great Pyramid. [Read more…]

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Taix – Comfortably French in Los Angeles


Credit: Kent Kanouse /

Taix is a French restaurant where you can enjoy French food in a comfortable, genteel environment without breaking the bank. Located in a modest, urban section of Los Angeles, Taix is probably the oldest authentic French restaurant in the county, and the one thing absent from the atmosphere is the snobbery that some restaurants cultivate to lend their establishments an air of exclusivity.

A Restaurant with History

Taix French Restaurant is owned and managed by the Taix family who emigrated from Southeastern France in 1870. The current restaurant traces its beginnings in the downtown hotel established in 1912 by Marius Taix Sr. three generations ago. The first restaurant served family style French country cuisine and to this day, a meal at Taix can include a delicate but rich tureen of French onion soup and crusty French bread. In Taix French Restaurant, the LA Weekly gives this description: “The Taix family has been running this French restaurant since 1927, and in this location as a virtual Echo Park landmark since the early 1960s…”  [Read more…]

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Combining Good Food with Good Music

Good Food and Good Music Belong Together

People who love food and music have always known that this is a perfect match that inspired many great artists and musicians to create equally superb recipes in the past.

Mozart, Basten, Verdi and Rossini are just a few great musicians whose creative juices have been inspired to flow by great food and wine flavors. This is the reason why fine dining restaurants who want to provide their guests with exceptional dining experience plays soft music in the background or provide live performances. [Read more…]

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Combining Food And Wine For the Holiday Season

Food and Wine Combinations For Seasonal Feasts

Each year as the festive season approaches, people start preparing for the traditions.There are traditions that stay. For those with more adventurous spirits, the holiday season is a time to splurge and is the best time to try new things.

Wine is generally a part of this tradition, but one may wish for a little change in the kind or brand of wine they may have this year.

If you are lost in the vast choice of brands of wine out there, you may want a little tip or suggestion  from some wine connoisseurs. [Read more…]

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What do you call it when you share a meal with your friends?

This turns out to be a significant issue nowadays.

Once upon a time, the term “dinner party” was used to describe almost any type of occasion where a group of people gathered together to share companionship, conversation, good food and wine.

However, in many places nowadays a “dinner party” is thought to be a much more formal affair, where everybody is likely to dress up in semi-formal or formal clothes, and the atmosphere is less casual than usual. [Read more…]

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