Hi and welcome to this spot that I’ve developed to give you those hidden secrets about food, wine, the art of good conversation and everything else related to cooking and entertaining.

First, a little about me and my background.

I grew up in Melbourne, Australia with the tradition of the Sunday roast dinner, always consisting of  roast leg of lamb with mint sauce, roast vegetables and peas along with apple pie and cream.

This meal was always followed later by devonshire tea in the garden, accompanied by the local visiting Minister – our parish church was not sufficiently large for a full time Minister at that time.

We ended the day by indulging further with cold meat from the roast with salad (and never forgetting trifle for dessert).

As a result, I became interested at an early age about the way in which raw ingredients were able to be magically transformed into something rather delicious.

Way back in 1969, a very young and adventurous young woman left Australia by ship and headed over the water to London. During the voyage I acquired a taste for some very different cuisines from what I had become used to at home (it was a Greek ship after all).

Some great and enduring friendships became established during the voyage, and some of these friendships remain today.

When I arrived in London, my newfound friends became flatmates. Margaret Fulton’s daughter, Suzanne was one of the group.

One evening, when it was my turn to cook dinner, Suzanne informed me that mum was joining us, since Margaret was in London to launch her first ever international book.

While understandably nervous, I did manage to produce a dinner of roast chicken, and Margaret was complimentary. As a result of this introduction, Margaret took me under her wing and encourage me to increase my knowledge on food and to enjoy cooking it – something I still do today.

By the way, I still have the copy of Margaret Fulton’s book that she gave me, and still use it quite regularly for many of my favourite dishes.

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