Culinary Travel: Incredible Vacations con Epicurean Delights

Food travel“Everyone has to eat,” said World Food Travel Association president and CEO Erik Wolf he founded in 2003 for the purpose of promoting the culture of eating and drinking though travel.

Wolfe is right. Eating is a human activity that intends to meet a biological need and more. It is also about being with and meeting people to satisfy a social pang. It is also about immersing in a culture and delving into history. According to Samantha Shankman of Skift (Destination Section) in her post The Big Business of Food Tourism and Why It Matters, “Food tourism tells the story of a destination’s history, culture, and people.”  Skift reports that food or culinary tourism is fast rising.

Interesting Facts about Food Travel/Tourism

The Report says, “Food tourism is any tourism experience in which one learns about, appreciates, and/or consumes food and drink that reflects the local, regional or national cuisine, heritage and culture.” [Read more…]

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The Adventure of Eating Local

localOne of the biggest attractions of any destination is its local cuisine. For foodies, it is a major factor in deciding where to go.  Whether you are a foodie or not, why not enjoy it when you have the chance.

Local cuisines carry a lot of meaning. It tells the local story as it evolves through generations being influenced by the comings and goings of all the people from the different regions and countries. It uses local ingredients that are the freshest and it imbibes ways of cooking that reflect the culture.

Traveling takes you these places and cultures. It is an opportunity to learn more about the place and its people. Thus, it’s a big wonder why you would seek out McDonald’s when you can have that any time of the day or any day of the week wherever you live.

If you want to make more out of your holiday to any place on earth, give it more meaning and make it a little more fun by adventuring in the local markets. Ask around; go where the locals go. If you are a bit apprehensive about food safety, get tips from this post from Independent Travel-Travel Tips’ Eating Abroad: The Cultural Resonance of Food shared by Ed Hewitt. [Read more…]

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Foodie Destinations: Amazing Food Scenes You want See and Taste

FoodFood and travel go together much like the “horse and carriage.”  With tourism being the world’s biggest industry in this generation, every place you’ll go has a plethora of food and dining options for all travelers, whether they believe they eat to travel or travel to eat. For foodies, the crowning glory of a holiday or vacation is the appeal of the local flavors.

Aside from other attractions, certain places are really quite popular for foodies being listed as having the world’s best cuisines  such as Italy, France, Spain and Greece in Europe and China, India, Thailand and Japan in Asia.

If you are looking for a destination for your next travel, and if you are looking for a new experience, be ready to do some “adventuring” in the places suggested in  You’ll Never Believe These 9 Cities Have World-Class Food by Aly Walansky of The Daily Meal – Yahoo Travel – The Daily Meal. [Read more…]

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