Brunch and Wine Pairing Just as the Sun Rises

Brunch with wineDrinking at breakfast sounds odd, even bizarre. But during the weekends when your breakfast isn’t too early (or brunch), the right pairing with what is served – pancakes, eggs, burgers or some other breakfast concoctions  – can lend the morning meal some heartiness. Jim Clarke’s Drinking in the Morning at Star Chef’s Easter Brunch suggests it is great for Easter. Though anyone who loves having a great morning or weekend, can find the suggestion a welcome one. Clarke says,

“… We typically pay tribute to our breakfasty beverages by supercharging them—OJ becomes a mimosa; tomato juice, a bloody mary. Coffee remains unadulterated—the caffeinated counterbalance to your morning alcohol—but do we really need to cut our alcohol with fruit juice to make it socially acceptable?”

Light Choices for Egg-based Breakfast

No, vodka or whiskey or anything as hard is not suggested with eggs benedict or any light dish for breakfast. Rather, lighter stuff is suggested to make decent pairings at this time of the day; Champagne with orange juice, citrusy Chardonnay or any sparkling wine pairing with omelets, quiches and egg benedict. [Read more…]

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A Second Look at Rosé Wine

Rose WineIt is a pity that rosé wine is not given the attention it deserves. It is certainly elegant enough for just about any occasion, and it is so versatile it can be paired well with a wide range of dishes. It is the perfect wine for the times when, as DiWineTaste puts it a white wine is ‘not enough’ and a red wine is just ‘too much’”.

Achieving the Delicate Rosé Color

Rosé wines take their color from the grapes used to make them, but this color is not enough to classify them as a reds. One of three methods used to produce Rosé wine is the skin contact method. After crushing, the skins of the black-skinned grapes used for the wine are left with the juice for about three days; the gloppy mass is then pressed, and the skins are removed before the juice is fermented. [Read more…]

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