Shakshouka, The Comfort Food from the Middle East and North Africa

Shakshouka a comfort foodYou can’t believe a hearty dish can be healthy too. More and more gourmet chefs are proving that it can be done, but if you are not gourmet, you have your doubts. Enter Shakshouka (or Shakshuka) … another comfort food, even a staple of exotic origin. It is a simple dish of tomatoes and eggs scented and flavored by exotic spices.

If you are looking forward to another unforgettable addition to your repertoire of healthy dishes, learn a few interesting facts about Shakshouka and how you can make it varied and exciting.

Enigmatic Beginnings

References are pointing to various origins – Middle East (primarily Israel and Arab nations) and North Africa (specifically Tunisia, Egypt, Alegria, Libya, Yemen and Morocco). The name is said to have the “flavor” of Tunisian or Yemeni, but the name also brings to mind close association with Amazigh (Berber) or Arabic to mean “mixture.” [Read more…]

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