Turkish Dishes: What to Try When in Turkey

Turkish Dishes

Credit: Christian Bredfeldt

The Turkish people claim that there are only three cuisines that exist on the planet – Chinese, French and Turkish. To the rest of the world, the meaning is not lost; it simply means that the Turkish cuisine is one of the best in the world. For tourists who are visiting Turkey for the first time, there is always that unexpected, pleasant surprise for them as they discover the many wonderful flavors of Turkey.

The cuisine is a fusion of Middle Eastern, Central Asian and Balkan cuisines. It is largely the heritage of Ottoman cuisine that has been refined by epochs of experience. Today, it is celebrated for its pure quality and simplicity. All these influences contribute to a great variety of delectable Turkish dishes. Erlend Geerts of Witt Hotels writes in the post Our Top Turkish Dishes, the Best of the Turkish Cuisine: [Read more…]

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Following the Trail: The Search for the Best Coffee

CoffeeFor coffee connoisseurs, a cup of Joe is more than stopping by a café for a stimulating morning; it is an experience. Just like foodies, they treat coffee drinking seriously and would go to the ends of the earth for the experience.

If you are one of these, you would look at your destinations with a keen eye… what and where can you go for the glorious cup?

Are you a serious coffee connoisseur?

Then you would appreciate World Travel Guide’s The 9 best coffee pilgrimages in the world. This blog will take you to nine destinations where drinking coffee is considered both an art and a religion. The blog rounded up the best destinations for travelers like you and offers suggestions what to drink and where to get the best cup of Joe. [Read more…]

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