Easy 5 Steps To be a Savvy Summer Party Host


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Down under, summer coincides in December, so that Christmas and New Year festivities are held under the scorching weather. In North America and Europe, summer season starts around July to September. Regardless of where you live and despite the sizzling temperature, summer is the best time to party and to celebrate occasions such as pool parties, wedding, family reunions, etc. For close friends and neighbors, gathering in your home or theirs can be a fun way to while away summer in a fun way.

Despite these parties being informal, you still want everyone to have a great time (including yourself), especially if you are the host. To have a great summer party, take the stress out of your party equation: drinks + great food + music = great party.

Make the drinks nice, long, cool, and interesting to be better appreciated by the guests.  Make the job of party hosting easy by creating a party spread that can be prepared in advance – simple, light and delicious. With the right music in the background or with a karaoke (if there are guests who like to sing) you can have a memorable summer party. [Read more…]

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Make Ahead Finger Food Ideas for a Bachelorette Party

finger food

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With all the drinking and fun during the “last fling before the ring” party, everyone will need something to soak up the alcohol: food. With friends and relative coming from work, or even out of town, a perfect party has to have something nourishing to perk everyone. Easy-to-make finger foods are the perfect party eats that can render a casual gathering of close friends and relatives simple and fun. There’s no need for the party organizer/host (usually the maid of honor) to sweat it out in the kitchen, if she intends to have fun.

If you are the maid of honor and you’re looking for an easy way to make the bridal shower party possible without too much effort, there are ideas you can pick from Wedding Whoop in its post by Sam: Easy Finger Foods for Bridal Shower Ideas and Finger Food Recipes. Sam explains why finger foods make great choices for a bridal shower [Read more…]

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