From the Farm to Your Table: The Making of Chèvre

Chèvre or goat cheese boasts of a rich flavor that offers a wealth of sweet and even savory dishes, if you are armed with a few delectable recipes. It can range from simple recipes that are easy to make – from whipped, creamy cheese topping for breads to simple spicy salad – to more complex, but nevertheless unforgettable creamy cheesecake and soufflé. If there is anything that makes it a little more complicated, it is about where to get your supply of chèvre. The trick is to learn about chèvre-making so you’ll never run out of supply.

This cheese, fortunately, is something you can do at home. The process is easy and does not require too many supplies or equipment to make, which explains why it can be easily made in farmsteads with enough supply of good quality goat milk. Basically, it just requires a few simple steps – bring the milk to room temp; add a drop of culture plus a couple of drips of rennet; give it a quick stir; put the lid on the container and set aside; wait for 2 days at most for the milk to curdle. Drain through cheesecloth fitted in a colander, and then add a bit of salt and voila … your own homemade chèvre! [Read more…]

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