Thai Khao Pat – The Ultimate Fried Rice

Khao Pat

Photo Credit: Mikhail Esteves

Everyone knows what fried rice is, but until you’ve had a taste of Khao Pat, you cannot know just why all that carbo is so worth every “ooh” and “aah”. In a list of 50, khao pat, the Thai version of fried rice, was named the 24th most popular food in a survey that include 35,000 responses, and it certainly lives up to that esteemed position.

What Khao Pat is All About

Thai fried rice is a very popular dish in Thailand, but it is fast gaining a following all over the world. There are many types of khao pat, and you can choose whatever central ingredients you fancy. You can have khao phat mu, which has pork, or khao phat kai with chicken, khao phat goong which has shrimp, khao phat pu, which has crab, khao phat che which has veggies. You can also ask for mixed seafood, or beef, and some versions of this dish even contain pineapple, or basil, or nuts and raisins. [Read more…]

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Protein Plus and Extremely Delicious Fabada


Photo Credit: Javier Lastras

One of the most popular dishes throughout Spain is Fabada Astusiana, often simply referred to as fabada.  Fabada is a bean casserole that is rich yet simple, flavorful, and easy on the budget. Fabada, boasts of many variations, but it is usually eaten during the cold winter or autumn nights, accompanied by good crusty bread and red wine or cider.

Fabada Cousins

Countries all over the world have their own version of it, and maybe that is why easy-to-like fabada never seems strange even to people who taste it for the first time.

In My Kitchen in Spain’sFabada, Maybe the Best Beans in the World”, Janet Mendel says, “I like all kinds of beans, but possibly my favorite bean dish is fabada asturiana, beans and sausages cooked in the style of Asturias. Asturias, in the chill northern Cantabrian coast, is noted for its cheeses (such as blue Cabrales), its fabulous seafood and this singular bean dish. Fabada is so popular that it turns up all over Spain. Sort of as Boston baked beans are not limited to Boston…”

Americans have their Boston baked beans, the French have their cassoulet, and Mexicans have their frijoles charros. First-time diners will take to it as if it were something they have always had on their tables. [Read more…]

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Feasting on Wild Boar

wild boar

Photo Credit: Joshua Rappeneker

The words “wild boar” may conjure images of Vikings with horned helmets roasting captured game over a bed of coals, but today wild boar meat has acquired a more sophisticated quality.  Technology and globalization have both contributed to elevating this meat to a refined level in the culinary arts. In addition to this, however, there are some agricultural places where the wild boar population is considered a serious threat. This has urged people to increase consumption of wild boar meat, and this has encouraged cooks to come up with new recipes for this rich yet wonderfully lean meat.

What Wild Boar Meat is Like [Read more…]

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The Making of a Perfect Fruit Salad

fruit salad

Credit: Roxanna Salceda

A few friends or relatives are coming over. You want some simple, but delicious fare; dishes that are easy to make so you’ll not be too tired to have fun. You decided on a set of dishes that can be prepared ahead. For a sweet conclusion, something that will linger for a long time, aside from the company, is the dessert. Again, you want it to be simple, familiar but memorable. It’s time to take out the perfect fruit salad.

Nothing Can be Simpler

The perfect fruit salad is just like every fruit salad; it is a bunch of fruits in season that you can toss into a bowl and drizzled with a dressing. But in the same way that it is easy and simple to make, it is just as easy to make a bad fruit salad. Throw in the bowl unripe or overripe fruits, mushy bananas, bruised stone fruit, and your salad will be a disaster. While making one is easy, put in a little care in the picking of the fruits and in preparing them. [Read more…]

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Skyrocketing Savory Dishes with Caramelized Onions

Caramelized onions

Photo Credit: Emily

Aren’t we all looking for ways to give simple dishes that extra oomph to make its flavor go skyrocketing? The caramelized flavors of onions can do that to a traditional or simple meal. It can go onto a pizza, layered on a burger or sandwich and make snacking or dining a totally awesome experience. Spoon it into soups, salads or sauces to transform a regular fare into a gastronomic dish. The best thing is it is so easy to prepare. With a simple recipe and some patience you can certainly make decadent and savory spreads every day when you take the time to sweat it out in your own kitchen.

The Basic Caramelized Onions

If you have the time, turn to The Kitchn’s How To Caramelize Onions, which offers an easy, slow, step-by-step cooking recipe. The most important thing is, give it the time it needs to develop that sweet, umami flavor that lifts everything it touches.    [Read more…]

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Unraveling the Secrets: Authentic Chinese Stir fry Dishes from Your Kitchen

Chinese stir fryIf a quick dinner at home is what you’re craving for, there is another option than just ordering a take out from some fancy fast food or restaurant: Chinese stir fry. Who doesn’t love the goodness of richly-flavored vegetable-meat mix cooked briefly over a big flame? It is served piping hot, the veggies are still crisp, the meats are laden with flavors, and the sauce is to die for. It is a great way to keep dinner simple, fast and super delicious.

There is one big problem though; the Chinese have been tight-lipped when it comes to their cooking secrets. If you are a big fan of Chinese style stir fry food, you know there is that particular taste and texture that you couldn’t copy at home. Despite your best effort, what comes out of your wok is not close enough to what you are hoping to achieve. Maybe it still tastes good, but something’s amiss. [Read more…]

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