Bachelorette Party -perfect Prep-ahead Party Drinks

Bachelorette PartyWhat’s a bachelorette party without the drinks? If you’re the chosen maid of honor, you’ll have to host the “final fling before the ring” party for the bride who could be a best friend, a sister or a close relative. With the pressure, deciding about the right cocktails would be the first on your list.  If you want to host and enjoy the party too, the perfect cocktail drinks for the party must be easy to prepare with just a few ingredients, easy to clean up and inexpensive.

For cocktails that you can do in advance, check out these suggestions by the Wedding Chicks, Easy Bachelorette Party Drink Recipes.

Signature cocktails for any kind of event are really cute, tasty, and personalized but we’ll be the first to admit they can be hard to prep and quite expensive. A bachelorette party is a great example of a get together where you will definitely want to have a bangin’ drink available for guests… but one that can prepped ahead of time, requires minimal ingredients, hardly any clean up, and doesn’t break the bank. How do you want to party? Bust out the shot glasses or sip on these cocktail recipes – you choose…either way these easy bachelorette party drink recipes will provide a great night of fun!”

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