Savoring the Taste of Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese

Photo Credit: Artizone

As the name implies, blue cheese is a type of cheese with blue, gray, or bluish-green veins. These veins are caused by the presence of Penicillium glaucum, or Penicillium gorgonzola, or Penicillium roquefort. The bacteria from these strains create free flowing blue patterns and give the cheese a distinctive aroma. Blue cheeses have a strong flavor that goes well with several wines.

The Discovery of Blue Cheese

The highly prized blue cheese was discovered by accident when the mold developed naturally in cheeses that had been stored in caves where the bacteria were naturally present. Sometime after this happened, someone evidently decided to taste the cheese. The cheese makers found out that contrary to what they feared, the blue cheese did not ruin their product. Instead, the mold gave their cheese a unique taste and texture. The rest, as they say, is history. [Read more…]

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