What’s in Your Teriyaki Sauce?


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The term teriyaki has become so popular that in most Westernized cities, anything marinated or served with a soy sauce based concoction is called a teriyaki dish. Taking advantage of its popularity, many food manufacturers have come up with readymade teriyaki sauces; cooks now just have to pour this flavorful mixture to come up with a distinctly oriental meal.

A Sauce with History

Most people associate teriyaki with Japanese cuisine and the word does have its historical roots around the 17th century in Japan. The “teri” in the word refers to the shiny texture of foods marinated or basted with sugar, while the “yaki” can be interpreted as grilling. Ironically, teriyaki sauce is believed to have originated in Hawaii, where Japanese immigrants adjusted their cooking to come up with a mixture using soy sauce and local products such as pineapple juice. [Read more…]

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The Robust Asado and the Full-bodied Wines of Argentina

Argentinian barbecue AsadoOnce you have tasted Argentine barbecue, you will think that the word “barbecue” does not do it justice. Argentine barbecue is distinctive because of the way Argentines prepare and grill the meat, and it is vastly different from the usual skewered chunks or rib sections that sizzle on gas or coal grills.

Barbecue the Gaucho Way

Argentines are very particular about the kind of meat they use for asado. Only the best meat will do, and the country’s excellent meat supply caters to this discriminating taste.

Traditional meat cuts for asado include tenderloin, rack of rib, flank, prime rib steaks, T-bone, sirloin, rump, brisket, and tri-tip. A complete asado menu would also include chinchulin (the initial portion of the small intestine), sweetbreads, kidneys, and udder. There are two important details to remember about asado:  A bull calf is the traditionally preferred offering for this feast, and the meat is not cut into small pieces. Instead, the meat is grilled in large portions to keep the interior juicy. [Read more…]

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The Brisket Crisis

BrisketThe world may not miss the briskets, but not in Texas where it sells like “hot cakes.” The news that there is shortage in this beef cut is taken quite seriously around the state. Do Texans need to guard their briskets just as Michael Kaminer suggested in the article The Great Brisket Crisis of 2014 posted in The Jewish Daily Forward.

Guard your briskets!

Brisket prices are skyrocketing nationwide as voracious demand for a “limited edition” Arby’s brisket sandwich eats into supply for the prized cut of meat.

Fueled by a hugely successful online marketing campaign, the fast-food giant is consuming more than a half-million pounds of brisket every week to keep up with its 3,300 stores demand for the “Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich,” whose schtick is that it smokes for thirteen hours.

Arby being the reason for the brisket crisis and the soaring brisket prices is also the essence of the article Arby’s New Sandwich Causes Spike in Brisket Prices by Erin DeJesus for Eater. [Read more…]

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