Foodie Destinations: Amazing Food Scenes You want See and Taste

FoodFood and travel go together much like the “horse and carriage.”  With tourism being the world’s biggest industry in this generation, every place you’ll go has a plethora of food and dining options for all travelers, whether they believe they eat to travel or travel to eat. For foodies, the crowning glory of a holiday or vacation is the appeal of the local flavors.

Aside from other attractions, certain places are really quite popular for foodies being listed as having the world’s best cuisines  such as Italy, France, Spain and Greece in Europe and China, India, Thailand and Japan in Asia.

If you are looking for a destination for your next travel, and if you are looking for a new experience, be ready to do some “adventuring” in the places suggested in  You’ll Never Believe These 9 Cities Have World-Class Food by Aly Walansky of The Daily Meal – Yahoo Travel – The Daily Meal.

“… Alas, even when it comes to the foodie cities of the world, it often comes down to a popularity contest, and you’ll see the same destinations over and over in “best food destinations” roundups. We already know we’ll find incredible food in Nashville and New Orleans, in Capetown and Hong Kong. But if you are looking for a few destinations with amazing food scenes that don’t show up on all the lists, you may want to check out our roundup to learn about these gems.”

Gaziantep, Turkey

Istanbul is famous for its rich cuisine and culture. For a novel experience, go where the locals go: Gaziantep or Antep. The city is not a popular tourist destination, but the aromas of baklava and kebab are enough to make you happy. The other treats that you must try are Elmacı Pazarı Güllüoğlu, katmer and kadayıf.  Start your day with a hearty breakfast called beyran at Metanet Lokantası.

Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Tassie is an island endowed with abundant seafood, as well as incredible fresh crops, dairy products, livestock, and wine – Pinot noirs and sparkling wines are the best. The restaurants in Hobart will not fail you with its topnotch cuisine and service. Tessie’s scallop pies is a must try. Must visit are the award-winning Garagistes, its cafés and some bustling markets –Salamanca and Tas Farm Gate Market.

Hội An, Vietnam

Hội An, a UNESCO World Heritage site offers more than culture. It also takes pride of its exciting culinary scene. The are street-side cafés and restaurants at the Old Town, but the best place to go to is beyond the river Thu Bồn. Find the markets abounding with meals that only comes short in price, but never on flavor. Try Vietnam’s noodle dish called cao lầu, which is authentic in Hội An.

Jerusalem, Israel

The cuisine in Jerusalem is a fusion of several influences resulting to a most wonderful mishmash that you can imagine – Jewish West and Arabic East Jerusalem, Polish, Moroccan and Hungarian. World-class chefs like Ezra Kedem keep Jerusalem cuisine continuously evolving. The less adventurous guests can enjoy the traditional and evolved cuisines at Arcadia. For the more spirited ones, head to the streets and have your fill from its falafel carts, or to the city’s Machane Yehuda market.

Évora, Portugal

This medieval town is another UNESCO World Heritage Site in the south-central Alentejo region. The place is known for its traditional cuisines using cilantro and other herbs. Petiscos or appetizers are great preludes to robust fares and delicious Alentejo wine. Don’t miss on their Portuguese desserts like the almond-infused pão de rala.

Macau, China

While in Hong Kong, do yourself a favor and take that 40-minute ride to Macau. It is a place that showcases the beautiful union of Chinese and Portuguese influences, as well as African, Indian, and Latin American. Don’t be sidetracked by the swanky and commercial casinos, which tend to overshadow the local exotic cuisine. There are small restaurants and street cuisines that can fill your pang for the “real Macao cuisine.” Don’t leave without trying serradura, Portuguese egg tarts, lacassá soup, African chicken, pork balichão, golden codfish, and coconut milk custard,.

Memphis, Tennessee

The barbecue is unforgettable, but there is more to this city, which is often eclipsed by the famed cuisine of Nashville. Stellar chefs are elevating the level of restaurant foods here. Some restaurants you need to check out are Hog & Hominy, Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen, The Second Line, Iris, Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken, The Four Way, Flight, and Wiseacre Brewing.

Providence, Rhode Island

Providence is located right where there are great sources of fresh ingredients – farms for livestock and produce as well as seas for incredibly fresh seafood. It is also home to a number of famous chefs. Some places to visit her include Al Forno, Persimmon’s and Lobster Pot.

When you can combine food and travel, why settle for less? These cities are just the tip of the iceberg. There are more destinations awaiting spirited and adventurous eaters like you.

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