Following the Trail: The Search for the Best Coffee

CoffeeFor coffee connoisseurs, a cup of Joe is more than stopping by a café for a stimulating morning; it is an experience. Just like foodies, they treat coffee drinking seriously and would go to the ends of the earth for the experience.

If you are one of these, you would look at your destinations with a keen eye… what and where can you go for the glorious cup?

Are you a serious coffee connoisseur?

Then you would appreciate World Travel Guide’s The 9 best coffee pilgrimages in the world. This blog will take you to nine destinations where drinking coffee is considered both an art and a religion. The blog rounded up the best destinations for travelers like you and offers suggestions what to drink and where to get the best cup of Joe.

1) Ethiopia

Though coffee is likely to have originated from southern Sudan, Ethiopia is often lauded as the birthplace of the brew. The first domesticated coffee plants were harvested around Harar …

Aficionados would love the coffee ceremony in this country that starts from roasting the beans. The beans ground with spices are passed around for participants to draw in the aroma before they are brewed in a jebena and enjoyed. The traditional macchiato style is something you must try at Tomoca (Wawel Street, Addis Ababa).

2) Istanbul, Turkey

When the great Ottoman leader, Sultan Suleiman, was introduced to coffee in 1543, he became instantly hooked and ordered his servants to perfect the brewing method…

That process entails slow brewing of the beans in a cezve (pot) with sugar. The first coffee house was located in the Tahtakale district in 1515; the tradition still continues here.

Get your Turkish coffee and drink it from one side of the cup, so your fortune can be told from the telve at Mandabatmaz (Olivia Gecidi 1A, Beyoglu).

3) Melbourne, Australia

As Australia’s most arty and à la mode outpost, it’s little wonder that Melbourne was the first city to surf on coffee’s third-wave revolution: the specialist cafe.

It is still debated if this capital of Victoria is the first artisan coffee city, but one thing is certain: it is the first place to embrace single-sourced beans, competent baristas and inventive brewing methods on a large scale. The must try is still a flat white. Try it in the Seven Seeds original coffee shop at 114 Berkeley Street, Carlton.

Other destinations suggested in the blog are Italy, Seattle, Vienna, Paris, The Coffee Triangle in Colombia, and Cuba.

When in Italy, pay a visit to the institution Caffè Florian in St Mark’s Square, Venice. This is the home of Italian espresso is the oldest coffee house in Italy dating from 1720.  To better enjoy your cup of Joe, “copy the locals and take your espresso at the bar. Great bars include Torrefazione Hodeidah (Via Piero della Francesca 8), Torrefazione Vercelli (Via Francesco Cherubini 2) or Taglio (Via Vigevano 10).

Seattle and Starbucks… both are intertwined and go together like the “horse and carriage.” Starbucks successfully drew Americans from instant coffees to specialty beans prepped in some fancy ways – Frappuccinos, caramel macchiatos, etc. Frozen Frappuccino is a world favorite; it’s one Joe you must try.

Vienna’s elegant kaffeehäuser has grown to become like a habit for this city as it became a part of its social life. Melanges (an espresso topped with whipped cream) in Café Central (Herrengasse 14) is a go-to café for a wonderful perk-me-up cup.

Where to go for the original cafés au lait or coffees with milk? Paris, get it right at Hemingway, Camus, Sartre at Café les Deux Magots and de Flore. Un café is a must-try local favorite. Enjoy your coffee under the tree shades or parasols of Café les Deux Magots (6 place Saint-Germain des Prés) or Paris’ oldest café, Le Procope. For excellent third-wave cafés, head to Coutume Café.

Colombia is among the world’s premium producers. Incredible brews await fanatics at The Coffee Triangle. If you are thrilled at the prospect of harvesting and brewing, the Colombian National Coffee Park is one great spot to visit. You can also roast your own beans for a fresh, black coffee at Sazagua Hotel Boutique in Risaralda or Café Jesús Martín (Carrera 6A No 6-14) in Salento that organizes tours for enthusiasts.

The well-sought finest Arabica beans in the world come from Cuba. With the looser travel restrictions to this nation, enthusiasts are slowly enjoying the best of the breed – Cortadito and Café Cubano forms of Arabica. The Café Cubano is almost like the Italian espresso; sugar is added to it when brewing it. You’ll never go wrong with Dulceria Bianchini (Calle Sol 12) that serves excellent coffee and homemade cakes.

Smelling the brew right now? Follow your nose to any of these places that will surely win your heart.

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