Hats Off to Australia’s Bounty: Food and Wine Festivals

Australia's Food and wine festivalYou can say that Australia’s unspoilt water and land resources are the reasons behind the natural bounties of this world’s smallest continent, but it is the freedom and creativity of its people that are transforming these bounties into delectable dishes. From the looks of it, there is apparently a sound basis when Tourism Australia decided to focus on its prime food and wine offerings to bring international travelers to its shores.

A future travel to Australia is well justified if you are looking for a unique destination, not to mention the wonderful culinary and wine experience that await you. The best times to come would be during a food and wine festival, and there are plenty throughout the year. Know when to come from this list of: Australia’s Food and Wine Events posted in – Explore/Holiday in Australia Section.

Throughout the year across Australia you’ll find plenty of food and wine festivals and other fun indulgences.

Australia is renowned for its fine fresh gourmet produce and wines of world-acclaim. Almost every city hosts a major food and wine festival every year…  All year, all throughout Australia’s you’ll find fine food and wine festivals and other fun indulgences.

Here is the list:

  • Great Barrier Feasts at Hamilton Island, Queensland … held over throughout the year: The festival welcomes its guests with a gourmet dinner with fine wine pairing. They can also learn gourmet cooking by joining and watching world-class chefs at work.
  • Crush Festival at South Australia, January: Thirty wineries open their doors to enthusiasts and guests during the festival when wine is celebrated with music, art, fashion and food with scenic Mount Lofty for a backdrop.
  • Harvest Festival at McClaren Vale, South Australia, January: A fun event for kids and adults alike. Grab the opportunity to meet luminary chefs and join their classes. You’ll have a blast with the featured fare from the region along a boulevard of stalls.
  • Cellar Door Wine Festival at Adelaide, South Australia, February: If you can wait until February, 150 wineries open its cellar doors to the public featuring thousands of wines. Head to the Farmer’s market for a taste of the local produce.
  • Festivale at Launceston, Tasmania, February: This is a 3-day festival of wines and beers plus fresh produce that guests can have the pleasure of indulging outdoors where climate is cool, even when it’s summer. There are over 65 stalls to regale your taste buds with Tasmanian gourmet preparations in an ambiance of fun and color of a festival.
  • Melbourne Food & Wine Festival at Victoria, 27 February – 15 March 2015: This is a 17-day festival of gourmet food ranging from World’s Longest Lunches to avant-garde dishes prepared by international culinary elites.
  • Food and Wine Festival / Taste the Harvest at Devonport, Tasmania, March: This is a month-long celebration featuring cuisine using local produce, wines and beers and a throng of family-friendly events.
  • Taste of Sydney at Sydney, New South Wales, March: The home of the finest cuisines and restaurants in Australia, Sydney transforms its Centennial Park into the world’s largest outdoor restaurants featuring the city’s culinary superstars. It also features spirits and produce from over 120 producers and numerous interactive programs and entertainment.
  • Aussie Wine Month, a national event, 1 – 31 May 2015: Go anywhere Australia during the month-long festival and enjoy the unique offerings of each city and region.
  • Kangaroo Island Seafood ‘FEASTival’ at Kangaroo Island, South Australia, April: The freshest catch from the sea, organic produce, cheeses, meats and wines are featured during this festival. Get ready to enjoy it in the seaside and campfire settings for which the festival is renowned.
  • Orange FOOD Week at Orange, New South Wales, April: Take your pick from over 60 unique events to participate or indulge in this festival – attend a masquerade bash, eat breakfast in a vineyard or enjoy a fine dinner in a local restaurant. Don’t leave without dropping by some of its internationally famous wineries.
  • Tasting Australia at Adelaide, South Australia, April – May: This is held for 8 days biennially. Aside from indulging in degustation dinners and long lunches prepared by stellar chefs served in uniquely scenic settings, there are also wine auctions and classes held for hobbyists.
  • Lovedale Long Lunch at Hunter Valley, New South Wales, May: Every third weekend in May, local wineries and restaurants join forces to offer guests from far and wide progressive-style lunch featuring the best produce and wines in the region. Don’t forget your ticket and book your artist’s cottage or any spa resort before flying over.
  • Noosa International Food & Wine Festival at Noosa, Queensland, May: Don’t miss this festival claimed as a foremost festival highlighting Australia’s top chefs, renowned winemakers, gourmet food and upscale restaurants.
  • High Country Harvest Festival at Victoria, May: Victorian Alps and Murray River create the most scenic backdrop for this festival. The closed 100km cycling rail trail takes you to culinary villages and the best artisan butter, cheeses, ales and lagers, and multitudes of other local gourmet and produce.
  • Savour Tasmania at Hobart and regional Tasmania, May – June: Another event to highlighting the celebrated Tasmanian food and beverages. The festival stages the world’s best chefs using Tasmania’s premium ingredients to appease the appetites of local and international guests.
  • Mindil Beach Sunset Market at Darwin, Northern Territory, May – October: Thursday and Sunday nights in this beach are famous as fun and delicious aroma pervade the air with arrays of stalls of local cuisines and arts, as well as entertainment.
  • Truffle Kerfuffle at Manjimup, Western Australia, June: The home for truffles, thousands of tourists troop here every June to partake in the festival of truffles, plus other wines and mouthwatering delights crafted by celebrity chefs.
  • Canberra & Capital Region Truffle Festival at Canberra, Late June – early August: Another bounty grower of truffles, Canberra is the city where truffle growers and chefs gather to tantalize foodies and truffle fans with delicious and beautiful creations.
  • Fireside Festival at Canberra, August: It is time to relax while sipping exquisite wine to ward off the chills Down Under. The highlight is the “100 mile dinners” using only the freshest and best local ingredients within the 100 mile radius of the city endowed with about 33 wineries and 140 vineyards.
  • Barossa Gourmet Weekend at Barossa Valley, South Australia, August: This valley of wine is bursting to the seams with everything you can expect in a food festival – wine tastings, degustation and fine dining, intimate events, artisan markets and entertainment.
  • Asian Food Festival at Melbourne, Victoria, September – October: Bask in Melbourne’s flavors as you saunter in the vibrant Asian restaurants to have a taste of multi-cultural cuisines. Watch the city light up to mark Melbourne’s Mid-autumn Lantern Festival.
  • Good Food Month at Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane, October – November: An extended month-long banquets prepared by the world’s first-rate chefs feature the local produce of each region. Those who fail to catch it in the month of October in Sydney, Canberra, Queensland and Brisbane, can enjoy it in regional Victoria comes November.
  • Margaret River Gourmet Escape at Margaret, Western Australia, November: In a 3-day festival, Margaret shows off its bounties and potentials as another fabulous food and wine destination.
  • Taste of Melbourne at Melbourne, November: Another festival from Melbourne’s “cream of the crop” restaurants held in the city’s Albert Park, this attracts more than 24,000 foodies. Lunches and dinners last for 4 to 5 hours giving guests enough time to enjoy the festival’s offerings.
  • Tasmanian Beerfest at Hobart, Tasmania, November: Drink all the beers you can sample from this festival of beer from over 100 small and large breweries across the continent.
  • The Taste of Tasmania, Hobart Tasmania, 28 December – 3 January: If you’re in Australia during the holidays, this is one place you’ll love to spend your New Year with delicious classics like fish and chips to wacky dishes like wallaby burritos for the adventurous.

Australia is a delicious place to be any month of the year. This guide should be able to tip you what to expect year in and year out. Check the details before booking to your food and wine festival of choice.

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