Wine on a Budget for Holiday Entertaining This Year and Onwards

Wine on a budgetMost people love Christmas. At a time when people live their lives in a flurry, life just seems too hectic. Christmas and occasions like these are real treasures that give people a wonderful opportunity to catch up on everyone who matter. To make these celebrations and reunions more fun and memorable, you’ll surely be working on a great spread on the Christmas table.

Do you know how you can step up the experience? Serve your foods with the right wines. You might have second thoughts considering that the best wines come with hefty price tags. If you are worried about having enough to last the holidays, consider arming yourself with some savvy tips to be able to buy enough (year-round), so they don’t wreak havoc on your budget.  

A worthy read is J.D. Roth‘s Wine on a budget: How to get good deals on wine posted in Get Rich Slowly. If you are like Roth who used the “shotgun method of buying wine” you must be buying bottles randomly. You may end up having a good stock of bottles in your wine rack that you won’t drink at all.  

Roth’s top tip and advice: “Drink what you like!”

“When you buy a bottle blindly, there’s a chance you won’t enjoy it. Buying bad wine is like pouring money down the drain. But if you stick with old favorites, wine can be an excellent value.”

To know what you would drink, you have to start by building a list of wines that you can try one bottle at a time. Once you find something that to you would love to drink/sip time and again, create another list. Roth tries not to forget by sending an email to himself. Make a short note to remind you what the wine tastes like – oaky, fruity, etc. – something you’ll easily understand and remember.

He added a note to inform the readers that they can always get away with a cheaper wine. “Blind taste tests have shown repeatedly that neither wine experts nor average Joes can tell the difference between fine wines and cheap wines. Price is no guarantee of quality.”

“Hunt for wine bargains!”

Are you ready to build your list and your inventory for Christmas? Then you must start finding wine bargains.  J.D. Roth shares 5 tips:

  1. “Supermarkets sometimes have huge wine sales.” You have to watch the nearby supermarkets like a hawk for sales before Christmas and for the rest of the year. It pays to buy a few bottles each time, so you can have an inventory of wine favorites every time you have guests, celebrating or waiting for the next holidays.
  2. Buy in bulk. Discounts are offered when you buy several bottles at one time. Know what wine shop or supermarkets in your area that give away discounts when buying wine in bulk. This way, you can buy anytime when you want to replenish your wine rack or celebrate an occasion without the need to wait for wine sales.
  3. Order by the case. When the opportunity to buy something you like at a discounted/sale price comes, buy by the case. Buying by the case is like buying in bulk. This means you can get these at a lower price. In addition, buying by the case at a time when it is on sale enables you to stock up on something that you really like to drink. It will be a worthy investment.
  4. Shop at a warehouse club. Warehouse stores generally offer a selection of fine wines at, what else, but lower prices. Take time to visit these warehouse stores in your area to be familiarized with their inventory and the price ranges.
  5. Check discount stores. Similarly, you can check out the local discount or thrift stores to know what’s in their inventory and if you could find something there you can try or include in your growing list of wines.

Roth also suggests reading Consumer Reports, if you are buying online.

“A brief word about booze.”

Roth is not a beer drinker, but a Scotch whisky fan. He suggests that you also wait for sales to ensure you can get them at lower prices.  If the prices are controlled by the state/government, all you need to do is download a price list so you can have a guide. Each time a supermarket or booze store offers a sale or specials, check them out, buy a bottle or two and “tuck away for the future.”

As Christmas is fast approaching, you may think you are out of time to stock on wine, beer or booze. The truth is, November to mid-January is the season when supermarkets and wine stores have huge wine sales. Check out the local stores now and stock up on what you know is good. Meanwhile, experiment with a bottle or two that comes with good recommendations to build your wine list for the New Year, next Christmas and every event worth celebrating in-between.

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