The Making of a Perfect Fruit Salad

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A few friends or relatives are coming over. You want some simple, but delicious fare; dishes that are easy to make so you’ll not be too tired to have fun. You decided on a set of dishes that can be prepared ahead. For a sweet conclusion, something that will linger for a long time, aside from the company, is the dessert. Again, you want it to be simple, familiar but memorable. It’s time to take out the perfect fruit salad.

Nothing Can be Simpler

The perfect fruit salad is just like every fruit salad; it is a bunch of fruits in season that you can toss into a bowl and drizzled with a dressing. But in the same way that it is easy and simple to make, it is just as easy to make a bad fruit salad. Throw in the bowl unripe or overripe fruits, mushy bananas, bruised stone fruit, and your salad will be a disaster. While making one is easy, put in a little care in the picking of the fruits and in preparing them.

Easy Tips to Remember

How do you envision a “perfect fruit salad”? You want it looking colorful and fresh, and you want it to be luscious, rich and sweet to the taste. How do you achieve the look and taste? Not just by tossing everything; a few tips and tricks can help transform an otherwise ordinary plate of cut up fruits into a something really enticing and delicious. Pop Sugar’s Anna Monette Roberts shares the10 Tricks For Better Fruit Salads. The best ones are worth noting:

  1. Buy Seasonal Fruit: Using fruits in season will not only be cheaper and more luscious, they are likely to be on the same level of ripeness and sweetness too. Buying imported fruits, when they’re off-season cost more and may even contain high amounts of preservatives.
  2. Choose Fruit With the Same Levels of Ripeness: The assorted fruits taste better when the consistencies are about the same. Overripe fruits may get too mushy as the fruits are mixed, and the unripe ones tough or tart. In case you find some of the fruits still unripe, sweeten or soften them with a bit of granulated sugar.
  3. Mix Fruits of Different Colors and Textures: To have a visually appealing dessert, try mixing fruits with different colors (and textures).
  4. Prep the Fruits: This means removing inedible parts – pits/seeds, stems and skin. It also means cutting them up into uniform, bite-sized pieces.
  5. Use Equal Parts of Each Fruit: This will give you an equal or balanced distribution of all the luscious fruits. You don’t any fruit dominating the dessert.
  6. Season with Citrus: The juice and zest of a citrus fruit like a grapefruit, orange or lemon will not only perk the flavor, it will also prevent the oxidation of the fruits, which makes them ugly brown.
  7. Herbs Aren’t Just For Garnish: Use mint as a garnish and to impart some freshness into the salad. It is particularly good with citrus, melons and berries.
  8. Add Whipped Cream or Yogurt: For a richer flavor, bind the fruits with a dollop of yogurt or whipped cream.

Extra Tips to Consider

  • Real Food Real Deals recommends keeping the edible rinds of certain fruits such as apples that will give extra fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.
  • Escoffier Online suggests that the fruits be cut up at the last minute so they will be fresh, and the colors and tastes more distinct.
  • The Kitchn writes, “… a little care goes a long way when making a memorable fruit salad — and so does a handful of nuts. The crunch and saltiness can impart that contrast in texture and oomph in the flavor.

Sure enough making a bowl of fruit salad is easy for any kitchen novice. Just remember, it goes beyond simply chopping up and tossing everything together. With these tips, you can make the memorable, perfect fruit salad easily. To make it as fresh as you can, wash all the fruits and ready the dressing; chill everything. Once the relatives or friends start trooping in, ask some to help you chop them up as Escoffier Online suggests.

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