Drinks for Thought: The Practical Drinks for Thanksgiving

Practical Drinks for ThanksgivingExpenses during the holiday season can totally bust your budget, if you’ll not spend wisely. A savvy spender would think of the most practical ways to get the best without sacrificing the quality of the holiday experience that you and your family look forward to each year. A good nugget of wisdom is to know how to save money on the wine at the start of the season, which is Thanksgiving.

Given the stress that comes with all the preparations, your wine to uncork during the celebration can be the best reason why you may decide to get the best. But if the cost will bust your budget for the remaining feasts during the season, give its some thought.

The Secret

What can be the most practical drinks to have during Thanksgiving? Maryse Chevriere of Serious Eats shares some drinks for thought in the post How to Save Money and Drink Good Wine This Thanksgiving. She writes: [Read more…]

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