How to Enjoy a Wine Tasting Session

Wine TastingIf you are attending your first wine tasting session, you will want to make the most of this experience.  There is more to wine tasting than just having a sip of as many bottles as possible, and here are some tips for approaching this occasion like a pro.

Know what you want to taste.

You will definitely not be able to taste all the bottles offered for the public during a wine tasting session, so it is best that you decide beforehand which bottles you want to taste and stick to those.

Check out the activity’s website and look for the type of wine you want to get to know better. Then, take a look at the wine list offered for the event and mark the ones that have good reviews or rating. From this, make the list of wines you want to taste, taking note of what the reviews say. Once your list is complete, you are ready to optimize your wine tasting adventure. [Read more…]

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