Turducken – The Turkey, the Duck, and the Chicken


Photo Credit: Simon Doggett

There is a popular expression about hitting two birds with one stone, but turducken brings everything up by one level because this dish is all about three birds in one roast. The word turducken is a combination of three words: turkey, duck, and chicken. It is a dish that brings a new twist to the traditional Thanksgiving centerpiece while increasing its feeding capacity.

How the Turducken Came to Be

In Delish – Holiday Recipes Section’s The History of the Almighty Turducken, Justine Sterling says, “For those not intimately acquainted with this meat masterpiece, the turducken consists of a de-boned chicken stuffed inside a de-boned duck stuffed inside a de-boned turkey. Each layer is padded with stuffing. This new beast is then prepared as a traditional turkey would be: roasted, braised, fried, grilled, barbecued, it’s up to you. [Read more…]

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Zinfandel: The Red and White Wine


Credit: David McSpadden

Zinfandel grapes are planted about ten percent of California vineyards, a variety also known as Primitivo. This black-skinned grape traces its origins to those grown in Croatia and Italy, but this variety has flourished in the United States more than anywhere else in the world.

Total Wine’s Guide to Zinfandel Wines says, “Uniquely American, this exuberant red wine is capable of producing top quality red wines that can rival Cabernet Sauvignon. It offers an array of flavors including black and red fruit, spice, pepper, tar, licorice and wood.Zinfandel [ZIN-fan-dell] is produced in three distinct styles. The first is the fresh and fruity, easy-drinking style that offers charm and balance with light tannins, followed by the medium-bodied, fuller flavored Zinfandels with noticeable spiciness and ripe tannins. This is followed by the big, concentrated and powerful style with intense fruit and unbelievable richness. Zinfandel is exclusively grown in California and is the most widely planted red grape variety…” [Read more…]

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Sukiyaki, A Delicate yet Hearty Treat


Credit: Dick Thomas Johnson

Sukiyaki is a Japanese hot pot stew consisting of thinly sliced beef, tofu,vegetables, sugar, soy sauce, and mirin. This dish, commonly served in winter, is cooked right at the table. It is usually accompanied by raw eggs; these can be added to the steaming bowls just before serving or used as dip for the ingredients. In many households, noodles are added to this stew.

The Different Styles of Cooking Sukiyaki

This dish evolved into its current form during the Meiji era (1868 – 1912), when the influx of foreigners made meat more popular. Before this period, most people in Japan ate meat only during special occasions – a practice encouraged by the prevalent religions.   [Read more…]

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Pasta throughout the World and Ages

pastaPasta is one of the best-loved foods in the world, and practically all cuisines have their way of preparing it. Several dishes made with pasta count among the most popular comfort foods, and as the world becomes more interconnected, it is a sure thing that more and more people will develop a passion for spaghetti, macaroni, and the forms of pasta.

The Origins of Pasta

It is generally considered Italian food, but its origins are believed to be rooted elsewhere. A popular belief holds that Marco Polo brought pasta to Italy from his travels in China, but not everyone agrees.

In an article of The History Kitchen entitled “Uncover the History of PastaTory Avey says “A common belief about pasta is that it was brought to Italy from China by Marco Polo during the 13th century. In his book, “The Travels of Marco Polo,” there is a passage that briefly mentions his introduction to a plant that produced flour (possibly a “breadfruit tree”).” [Read more…]

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