Simple and Sophisticated Compotes: Saving the Day


Photo Credit: motko_fujita

The compote is one of the simplest desserts you can ever prepare, and yet it lends itself well to the most sophisticated dinners. Some food historians believe compotes originated from Europe, and the earliest records of their existence hail from the Middle Ages. However, a good many food historians also say that the art of processing whole fruits in syrup may have originated in the Mediterranean.

Made of whole fruits stewed in water, spices, and sugar, this dessert’s cooking syrup can be flavored with nutmeg, vanilla, cloves, candied fruit, raisins, or orange peel. Because it can be served either warm or cold, a compote can be used to crown a meal no matter what the weather or the season is.

Compotes to Save the Day

If you are expecting guests for dinner, or if you just want to be ready for people unexpectedly dropping by, take a look at Ina Garten’s recipes for compotes. Because you can cook this dessert way ahead of time and just store it in the refrigerator, serving something sweet and homemade will be a breeze for you. [Read more…]

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