Scampi: The Delicious Mystery

scampiDepending on which part of the world you are in, you will get different answers to the often asked question, “What’s in scampi?”  This is intriguing because scampi is universally loved as a dish, and yet people prepare it with diverse main ingredients.  Moreover, most of the consumers who contribute to this £50 million business probably eat something other than what they think they are eating when they eat scampi.

What’s inside your scampi?

The Culinary Dictionary defines scampi as “The Italian name for the tail portion of any of several varieties of miniature lobsters. In the U.S., the term refers to large shrimp that are split and brushed in a garlic oil or butter, then broiled. “Scampo” is the singular form.” It adds that scampi is “Another word for langoustine, or shrimp. This word is used in the U.S. as a description of shrimp broiled with butter, lemon, and garlic.” [Read more…]

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