The Notorious Delight Called Fugu


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In Endless Summer’s  “Top 6 Exotic Foods You Must Try Once in Your LifeEs Guest introduces fugu, a fish dish from Japan. It is probably one of the most exotic fish dishes ever to grace any dining table. Guest says, “Fugu is equally famous as Kobe beef, but not for the same reason. This fish has a deadly reputation: When not prepared properly, it can kill the one who eats it in seconds. Fugu fish contains poisonous tetrodotoxin in its organs and has to be sliced in a very precise way. But apparently, the risk is worth taking, for the fish’s flesh is indescribably delicious…”

The Delicate Process Involved in Preparing Fugu

Fugu is the Japanese term for a dish prepared made from pufferfish or blowfish, which comes from Takifugu, Lagocephalus, or Sphoeroides. Fugu is served as sashimi or chirinabe, a one-pot dish consisting of fish and vegetables. Preparing fugu is a delicate process strictly controlled by the government. Rigid three-year training is required for chefs to qualify as fugu preparers, because errors in the procedure can lead to accidental death. [Read more…]

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Raw, Exotic, but Delicate Sashimi

SashimiTo the uninitiated, the thought of eating raw fish or meat is probably repulsive, but the world has shrunk into a global village, and an increasing number of people have learned to love sashimi. Many people think of sashimi as synonymous with sushi, but these are two different dishes that simply share raw fish or seafood as major ingredients. Japan Talk features “21 Types of Sashimi” as a beginner’s introduction to this simple Japanese delicacy.

Sashimi is thin sliced raw fish or meat. 

“At face value, it’s one of the world’s simplest foods. After all, it’s just sliced raw fish. Nothing is added. Soy sauce and wasabi may be included on the side but that’s it. Sashimi is a direct taste experience. Fish must be of the highest quality. There’s no hiding behind sauces and other distractions to your taste buds. 

“The simplicity of sashimi lends itself well to aesthetically pleasing dishes. A sashimi master must know his or her way around a fish. They must also have artistic sense. A sashimi dish without style is just lumps of raw fish. 

“Practically any fish or meat can be used in sashimi. Exotic varieties number in the hundreds. The following varieties of sashimi are the most common in Japan…”

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