What to Drink in Madrid

The words Madrid and wine bring on mages of sultry nights and wine. The famous writer, Ernest Hemingway, certainly indulged in his love for sherry in this city, but sherry is not the only drink available in Madrid. A visit to this lovely place should include a taste of the many drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) that Madrilenos love.

Worth Trying in Madrid

The list in Top Ten Drinks to Try in Madrid includes sangria, mojito, cana, tinto de verano, café con leche, black tea, vino tinto, horchata, sidra, and coca-cola. The article explains what makes each drink so popular. [Read more…]

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Making Floral, Fruity & Fragrant Sangria


Photo Credit: nattywoohoo

Sangria: Party lovers either love or hate this fresh fruit wine cocktail that has both a Spanish and Portuguese origin.

The squeeze of fresh citrus makes it a delicious and inexpensive drink that budget-conscious party hosts should have no second thoughts serving.

But, if it is a poorly made one, which will give your party guests a splitting headache the next morning, then forget it.

Sangria still makes a delicious and inexpensive party cocktail, if you know how to make a good one. And why not, when it is so easy to make!

With pitchers of it stocked in the fridge, the good time rolls as soon as the guests come trooping in and as this chilled and fancy cocktail is poured into glasses. With some creative additions and garnish, you can make the cocktail mix all your own, minus the headache, which your party guests will love. [Read more…]

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