How to Order Wine like a Pro

ideas on how to order wineImagine it’s your first date in a fancy restaurant and the waiter will take your order and give you the wine list, but it’s your first time and you don’t know what wine suits you.

You have no idea on what to order, so you just choose whatever your finger points to. Of course, when your order arrives you can’t believe you ordered that wine. It’s certainly not your ideal wine, and so regrets happen.

Don’t worry anymore, Mike Peterson has written the article  How to order wine like you know how to order wine.  This will teach you on how to order wine like a pro, from basics to food/wine pairing and a script on how to order wine.

The basics of the wine selection process can be summarized:

The markup: All restaurants have massive price markups for their wines. They usually sell their wine bottles about double retail price. Restaurant wine prices and their markups have an inverse relationship so the cheaper the wine, the higher the price markup, and vice versa. There is one exception to this rule – the second-cheapest bottle on the menu. [Read more…]

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Finding the Go-to Eating Places in Chiang Mai, Thailand

 Chiang Mai

Credit: xiquinhosilva

The opportunity to feast on something authentic is an experience looked forward to by any traveler. Don’t let it slip through your hands simply because you don’t know any better. These days, the Internet is a trove of treasures/information. You have the ability to check out dining places in your destination without leaving your seat in a matter of minutes.

There are also apps you can upload in your smartphone that you can use to find these restaurants. Take a pick from this Forbes’ list of 10 Best Apps For Traveling Like A Local by Tracey Greenstein. She writes, “… these smart applications will help you travel through the eyes of a local….” The list includes: [Read more…]

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