Why Chocolate is Good for your Health

Benefits of chocolateChocolate is not just a delicious sweet morsel. It also offers health benefits to our body.

So, the next time you enjoy chocolates or decide to check up on the 8 of the Most Irresistible Chocolate Drinks of All Time, you won’t need to feel so guilty.

History of Chocolate

Let’s start out by understanding where chocolate came from.

Wikipedia tells us that,

“The history of chocolate begins in Mesoamerica. Fermented beverages made from chocolate date back to 1900 BC. … Originally prepared only as a drink, chocolate was served as a bitter, frothy liquid, mixed with spices, wine, or corn puree. …

It was believed to have aphrodisiac powers and to give the drinker strength. Today, such drinks are also known as ‘Chilate’ and are still made by locals in the South of Mexico.

After the arrival of chocolate into Europe in the sixteenth century, sugar was added, and it became popular throughout society, first among the ruling classes and later among the common people. …”

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