Food Destinations for the Best Local Cuisines According to CNN

Food Destination

Taipei’s Beef Noodles
Credit: Yuli Chua

Food, in its most basic definition, is anything meant to nourish the body and sustain its functions. But food has always been an expression of the way people live their lives, so it is also a reflection of a local culture and national identity.

In the last decades or so, travel and communication technologies made popular destinations become more attractive places as the world gets wind of what else they can offer, in terms of food. Local cuisine also pushed “unknown” or lesser destinations to prominence as their foods catch the fancy of travelers, who are as likely to satiate their pangs for food as their desire to satisfy their taste for adventure. This development has made cuisines and foods in general to cross borders and boundaries to become the world’s most coveted dishes and delicacies.

One natural consequence of this rising interest on the best local cuisines is where to find the, CNN Travel Section just recently made a poll to give foodies and travelers alike a list of where to go for soul-satisfying gastronomies. The result appears in its post entitled Which destination has the world’s best food? [Read more…]

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Lechon – the Philippine Version of Roast Pig

Lechon or whole roast pig is a delicacy enjoyed in many countries all over the globe. However, it is the Philippine lechon that has won the blue ribbon from Anthony Bourdain, popular TV chef host of the hit travel show “No Reservations”.  The famous food adventurer declared Philippine lechon as “the best pig ever” in his blog entry featuring “The Hierarchy of Pork”. This statement later prompted Time Magazine to give lechon the title “Best Pig” in its 2009 Best of Asia list.

Lechon from philippines

The Origins of Lechon

Filipinos learned to make lechon from the Chinese who, legend has it, discovered the dish quite accidentally, through a disastrous fire. Charles Lamb makes mention of reading about this unintended process in an old Chinese manuscript. In “A Dissertation Upon Roast Pig”, published in 1822, he writes that when the house burned with the swineherd’s pigs in it, the swineherd’s “gormless” son had his first taste of whole roast pig. [Read more…]

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