Masala Dosa – One of India’s Gifts to the Gastronomic World

masala dosa

Credit: bionicgrrrl

Masala Dosa is South Indian dish that is fast gaining popularity in cities all over the world. The dosa is similar to a tortilla in the sense that it is a crepe-like base where the desired filling is stacked. The dosa can be folded over like a soft taco, rolled like a burrito, or shaped like a cone – depending on the cook’s preferred presentation. The masala dosa uses potatoes and spices to fill up the dosa. It is a vegetarian dish and in 2011, it was included by CNN in the list of the World’s 50 Most Delicious Foods.

Begin with the Dosa

In the New York Times, David Tanis writes the article India on a Griddle: A Savory Dosa Recipe Worth the Effort, where he says: “But lately I’ve been crazy for dosas, the heavenly crisp South Indian sourdough pancakes, particularly the classic potato-stuffed masala dosa. [Read more…]

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