Make Ahead Cranberry Cocktails for Thanksgiving

Cranberry CocktailsCranberry is one ingredient that will certainly find its way in your Thanksgiving table as a sauce to the traditional turkey. But aside from swamping the turkey with that sweet-tart-savory flavor, you can also boost the holiday cheer by making cranberry your official cocktail this Thanksgiving, if it isn’t yet.

Even those who aren’t a big fan of cranberry find these cocktails a real treat during festive occasions such a Thanksgiving.

Get it All Mixed in Advance: Tangy Cranberry-Black Pepper Shrub Cocktail

Thanksgiving officially marks the long holiday and the start of relatives and friends coming around for reunions or casual visits. At a time like this, who would like to be tied down in the kitchen making crowd pleasers – mixing drinks and preparing bites and platters of dishes? Get creative and prepared; foods and drinks that can be prepared in advance should be your allies this Thanksgiving.

Elana Lepkowski shares the Tangy Cranberry-Black Pepper Shrub Cocktail, a cranberry cocktail recipe you can prepare ahead of time for a fun party in Serious Eats’ Prep This Easy Thanksgiving Cranberry Cocktail in Advance. She explains why it can hold without spoiling for a while: [Read more…]

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