Marinade: Spinning Magic in Your Food


Photo Credit: Jeremy Keith

A marinade is a mixture of acid, oil and spices that can add flavor and tenderize meats. Though the concept has been traditionally applied to meats, its use has been expanded to include poultry, and even seafood and vegetables. The food is allowed to soak and absorb all the essences, making it acquire unique and complex flavors. Every cook can make his marinade distinct and flavorful depending on the simplicity or complexity of the ingredients used. For those who want complex flavors or have a delicious marinade without much effort, the market is swamped with premixed/packaged marinades.

Marinade 101

What are the most basic things that you need to know about making marinades? Check it out in this post “Marinating Meat Guidelines – Marinating 101.” [Read more…]

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Dry Aged Beef: The Magic of the Old Ways

Dry aged beef

Credit: InterContinental Hong Kong

Considering all the conveniences that this generation of foodies is enjoying, you may wonder how our predecessors survived the years without them. “Necessity is the mother of invention,” so they say.  References will tell you the ingenious ways our ancestors have dealt with the situation. Food Processing History shares …

“History of food processing is the history of transformation process of raw ingredients into food or food into other forms. Food processing dates back to the prehistoric age when crude processing including various types of cooking, such as roasting, smoking, steaming, fermenting, sun drying and preserving with salt were in practice. Food processing is probably one of the oldest avocations man has been involved with from time immemorial.”

Dry-aging is just using this antiquated method of preserving or curing meat. This traditional meat processing method was the mode until plastics and refrigeration came into the picture. Vacuum packaging improved the method of preserving the quality of meat, but it deprives the eaters that distinguishing dry aged complexity of flavor and rich quality – more robust and tender and with buttery succulence. [Read more…]

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