A Lesson on Australia’s Coffee Culture

Australia's CoffeeA testament to Australia’s coffee: When Starbucks fails to take root any place in the world where it is introduced, that’s big news, after all Starbucks reigns as “king” in the industry.

The strategy of opening high-concentration “clusters” in small districts effectively puts financial strain on smaller and less-competitive coffee shops.

In Australia, that strategy failed.

In fact, out of the 84 outlets opened in Australia in 2000, only 23 remained after 2008. Sixty-one closed.

Prepare for Australia’s Australia’s Coffee Culture said, The coffee in the little cafes around Australia is too good, and Starbucks could not compete! Starbucks’ coffee was quite different to what Australians were used to, and they charged more for it. There are some coffee chains surviving in Australia, but their offerings are more in line with traditional styles of coffee.”

The Proof of Australia’s Caffeination

Australia’s coffee culture is so unique it borders on obsession. Their love for coffee can be traced from the large Italian immigrant population. One of the wonderful things the Italians brought with them is their love of coffee. [Read more…]

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