Sake Lessons from Japan: Choosing between Cold or Warm

SakeFor anybody trying sake for the first time, one of its most intriguing aspects is that it can be served warm or chilled, although it has traditionally been served warm.

Recently, premium sakes are being served and enjoyed cold, but that doesn’t mean that warm has become obsolete.

How can you best enjoy sake?

Modern sake brewing technology are said to have flavor profiles that can be destroyed or marred by heat. This is why serving it chilled nowadays has become popular. That doesn’t mean, though, that all must be served chilled. Each rice wine is unique with a specific range of temperature by which it must be served. [Read more…]

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Sake – the Wine with History and Ceremony

sake - Wine with HistoryNihonshu, Japan’s national beverage, is more commonly known to the English-speaking world as sake or Japanese wine. Unlike the grape-derived wines of the Western world, however, sake is made from rice, and its brewing process is similar to the way beer is made.

The Origins of Sake

The first written records of sake appear after 700 AD.  From this time up to the 10th century, the production of sake was monopolized by the government, and it was brewed mainly for the royal house.  Monks began to brew it after the 10th century, and by the by the 18th century, the production of sake became liberalized; thousands of breweries were established throughout the country. Some of these breweries still operate today. [Read more…]

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