Wine on a Budget for Holiday Entertaining This Year and Onwards

Wine on a budgetMost people love Christmas. At a time when people live their lives in a flurry, life just seems too hectic. Christmas and occasions like these are real treasures that give people a wonderful opportunity to catch up on everyone who matter. To make these celebrations and reunions more fun and memorable, you’ll surely be working on a great spread on the Christmas table.

Do you know how you can step up the experience? Serve your foods with the right wines. You might have second thoughts considering that the best wines come with hefty price tags. If you are worried about having enough to last the holidays, consider arming yourself with some savvy tips to be able to buy enough (year-round), so they don’t wreak havoc on your budget.  

A worthy read is J.D. Roth‘s Wine on a budget: How to get good deals on wine posted in Get Rich Slowly. If you are like Roth who used the “shotgun method of buying wine” you must be buying bottles randomly. You may end up having a good stock of bottles in your wine rack that you won’t drink at all.   [Read more…]

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