Growing Your Own Herbs Within Reach

herbsThe mark of a true epicure is the use of only the best and the freshest ingredients, including herbs. Snipping a few sprigs or leaves of mint, basil, dill or some other appropriate herbs for food or drink give epicurean fanatics a different high. The extra step can make a dish/beverage acquire an exotic appeal, which you can see, taste and smell.

Sylvie of Gourmande in the Kitchen says, “The fresh grassiness of a sprinkle of chopped chives over soup, the robust earthy flavor of fresh thyme leaves on roasted vegetables, and the heady aroma of just-picked mint in your tea are just a few of  the reasons it’s easy to fall in love with cooking with fresh herbs.”

In her guest post for Simple Bites entitled How to Grow Your Own Indoor Culinary Herb Garden, Sylvie motivates the readers to grow their own herbs indoors. She writes, “Fresh herbs offer us good looks, great flavor, and intoxicating scents. Luckily, these rewards aren’t limited to those of us with a garden; just a few pots indoors can supply you with a variety of flavor-enhancing culinary herbs all year long.”

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