A Good Food and Life for the Elderly: How Maggie Beer is Making a Difference

No, kids are not the only ones who need balanced meals to fight malnutrition and visually attractive meals to entice them to eat. Even older people living in aged-care homes are in need of quality foods. The best strategy to improve nutrition among the elderly is to enhance the usual standards in the foods served in homes for the elderly. This means serving them appetizing, nutritious and visually enticing meals to motivate them to eat properly.

This prompted celebrated cook, entrepreneur and 2010 Senior Australian of the Year awardee Maggie Beer to launch the “A Good Food Life for All” under the auspices of her Maggie Beer Foundation. Find out more about Maggie Beer’s campaign to improve the meals aged-care homeswritten by Michelle Rowe posted in The Australian – Executive Lifestyle.
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Combining Good Food with Good Music

Good Food and Good Music Belong Together

People who love food and music have always known that this is a perfect match that inspired many great artists and musicians to create equally superb recipes in the past.

Mozart, Basten, Verdi and Rossini are just a few great musicians whose creative juices have been inspired to flow by great food and wine flavors. This is the reason why fine dining restaurants who want to provide their guests with exceptional dining experience plays soft music in the background or provide live performances. [Read more…]

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