The Making of a Perfect Fruit Salad

fruit salad

Credit: Roxanna Salceda

A few friends or relatives are coming over. You want some simple, but delicious fare; dishes that are easy to make so you’ll not be too tired to have fun. You decided on a set of dishes that can be prepared ahead. For a sweet conclusion, something that will linger for a long time, aside from the company, is the dessert. Again, you want it to be simple, familiar but memorable. It’s time to take out the perfect fruit salad.

Nothing Can be Simpler

The perfect fruit salad is just like every fruit salad; it is a bunch of fruits in season that you can toss into a bowl and drizzled with a dressing. But in the same way that it is easy and simple to make, it is just as easy to make a bad fruit salad. Throw in the bowl unripe or overripe fruits, mushy bananas, bruised stone fruit, and your salad will be a disaster. While making one is easy, put in a little care in the picking of the fruits and in preparing them. [Read more…]

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