Foods to Bring Good Luck for the New Year

Foods to Bring Good LuckThe coming of the New Year awakens the hope that things will go well, and this often prompts people to do whatever they can to make this happen. Proof of this: in many houses all over the world, the New Year’s table will contain foods that are believed to attract good luck.


Because of their shape, noodles are customarily associated with long life. Thus, in several Asian countries, noodles are served on New Year. In Woman’s Day’s  10 Good Luck Foods for the New year, Bryn Mannino says:In China, Japan and other Asian countries, it’s customary to eat long noodles, signify longevity, on New Year’s Day. Since the noodles are never to be broken or shortened during the cooking process, the typical preparation for “Long-Life Noodles” is a stir-fry.” [Read more…]

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Stress Relieving Foods: Eat your Stress Away

stress relieving foodsWhen the body is stressed, a lot of bad things happen in your body. The muscles tense up. It can cause you to breathe harder and your heart rate to increase. The hypothalamus in the brain signals the pituitary gland and the autonomic nervous system to trigger the process of producing and releasing the “stress hormones.”  What makes your body become more vulnerable to disorders and dysfunctions?

Stress Can Put Your Body in Turmoil

Stress can also make your body organs behave in a different way. The liver is stimulated to release more sugar. You can feel heartburn or acid reflux as the stomach produces more acids in response to stress. You may suffer from indigestion and your intestines may not absorb the nutrients from what you are eating. [Read more…]

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Delicious Foods Worth Flying For

FoodsEnjoying food is a wonderful human experience, whether you are home or you are on travel or holiday. It is such a pleasurable and delicious multisensory experience for a traveler to get to know the culture of a certain destination. For foodies, choosing a destination is most often based on the destination’s culinary and gastronomic offerings. Before making any final decision, insofar as destination is concerned, check out their local cuisine.

The number of foods you can experience knows no boundaries. For starters, if you are looking for some special dishes that can justify travel, you can check out Mark Wiens’ suggestions he made in Migrationology’s (Travel for Food) post 33 Foods Worth Traveling Across the World Just to Eat.

Wiens writes, “After returning from any trip I’ll often reflect, browse through my photos, and realize that by far the most memorable experiences I had all revolved around food. And that’s no surprise… Not just because I’m a food obsessed individual, but because food is an essential ingredient of human life – survival, culture, tradition, lifestyle, festivals, relationships, comforts – food plays a part in everything.”

He then proceeded to present a list of 33 foods “worth trekking the globe to hunt down.”  The first ten are: [Read more…]

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