Japanese Food on a Conveyor Belt

Sushi conveyor belt

Credit: Todd Lappin/

Food on a conveyor belt? You heard it right! This is the Japanese innovation to fast food service, and it is a method that allows people to stay seated throughout a meal, choosing dishes as they go without having to order each additional plate.

Restaurants that opt for conveyor belt sushi are usually advertised as kaiten-sushi (rotation sishi) or kuru kuru sushi  (sushi-go-round) in Japan. In Australia, these restaurants are sometimes called sushi trains, and in the United States, these are referred to as rotating sushi bars.

How the Conveyor Belt Meal Works

Ways of Wanderers writer Jessica Dawdy shares her experience on this innovative approach to quick service, handmade Japanese food in How to Eat Conveyor Belt Sushi. [Read more…]

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