Bacon Makes Everything Better

Abaconre you a foodie? Then you must have spent too many hours watching Food Network cook shows to believe that “Everything’s better with bacon!” If “better” means “delicious” many would tend to agree. It is one of those craved foods in the planet that can be eaten eat anytime with much gusto and with almost anything. That is why it’s great. No wonder it turns in monstrous annual sales of $4billion.

But just like any other product, its history shows it has not always been as famous; it has also gone some tough times, even suffered a drop in the 1980s when health food was all the rage.

Today, despite health consciousness, it remains a staple finding itself useful in sandwiches, soup, dishes with eggs, salads, etc. either as a flavor enhancer, main thing or accompaniment to a dish. Having been entrenched in the American diet, its sales continue to grow. While consumption may take a dip at some point, it is here to stay. [Read more…]

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