Stuffed Camel: Rare and Exotic Royal Treat

Stuffed CamelWhen you first hear the words “stuffed camel”, you probably think people are talking about a stuffed toy. Actually, “stuffed camel” is the name of a Middle Eastern dish, one that is truly exotic and difficult to come by. It is probably one of the most challenging dishes to cook, especially since it literally requires a whole camel to be stuffed. Yes, only the most privileged guests are honored with this truly exotic dish.

Only For Special Occasions and Special People

Stuffed camel is not a food item you will encounter every day. It is a traditional Bedouin dish, and it is customarily served only during special occasions. This is prepared for weddings or for special parties, particularly when the guest list includes a sheik or some other important figure. Today, however, the dish is sometimes available in restaurants and Bedouin camp exhibits in culturally open places like Dubai. [Read more…]

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