Curry across the World’s Dining Tables

CurryCurry is a mixture of spices commonly used in South Asian cuisine.  In its simplest form it contains coriander, cumin, turmeric, chili, and fenugreek. It is not unusual for ginger, garlic, cinnamon, mustard seed, fennel, cardamom, black pepper, and other spices to be included in curry. Each country and each cuisine that uses this spice add its own touch to this mixture of spices.

The Oldest Spice

Records show that this spice has been used as far back as 2500 BC, notably in the Indus Valley. Some artifacts indicate that a basic form of this spice was commonly used in South Asia about 4000 years before the Europeans were on the scene. [Read more…]

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Dining on Escargot


Credit: Wilson Hui /

If you watched “Pretty Woman” you probably remember the scene where Julia Roberts catapults an escargot with her fork and refers to the dish as “Slippery little suckers.” If you love escargots, you probably have refined, epicurean taste buds. More commonly referred to as snails, eating these creatures is an acquired taste.

How the French Prepare Escargot

Trust the French to create a glamorous dish out of the most humble ingredient: the snail. Not all snails are edible or considered acceptable for dining; the varieties that grace tables are the Helix pomatia, the Helix lucorum, and the Helix aspersa. [Read more…]

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Wines that Go Well with Spice and Heat

WinesThere is a general perception that spicy foods are difficult to pair with wines, but this is not completely true. While it may require more effort to find the right wine for foods that have more than their share of heat and flavor, there are wines that will wash the palate pleasantly and provide just the right refreshing contrast.

Why Wines Can Work with Spice

Few people bother to look for the right wine when they serve spicy foods, and most hosts will bring out the beer for their guests. Actually, there are several reasons why wine can be paired very appropriately with foods that pack a lot of heat.

Wine, particularly those that are fruity and sweet, can neutralize the heat in spicy foods. This allows the other flavors in a dish to become more distinguishable. The acidity of wine can also allow the different flavors of a dish to mellow and harmonize. [Read more…]

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What do you call it when you share a meal with your friends?

This turns out to be a significant issue nowadays.

Once upon a time, the term “dinner party” was used to describe almost any type of occasion where a group of people gathered together to share companionship, conversation, good food and wine.

However, in many places nowadays a “dinner party” is thought to be a much more formal affair, where everybody is likely to dress up in semi-formal or formal clothes, and the atmosphere is less casual than usual. [Read more…]

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