The Intricacies of a Chinese Lauriat

Chinese LauriatThe Fookien word for lauriat is “lao diat”, which literally translates to “special occasion”. Basically, the Chinese lauriat is a sit-down banquet prepared for special occasions, and for the most traditional circles, certain things need to be complied with for a proper lauriat.

Food for the Lauriat

A Chinese banquet cannot be called a lauriat unless it features eight to ten dishes – at the very least, that is. Several appetizers are served at the beginning of the meal; although these are counted as one menu item, this opening salvo can include more than a few delicacies. In Redcook’s Anatomy of a Chinese Banquet Menu, Kian Lam Kho shares his family table’s appetizers for a New Year lauriat: smoked ham hock, jellyfish salad, drunken chicken, shrimp salad in mustard mayonnaise, and century eggs. [Read more…]

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