Compelling Reasons to Switch to Vegetarian Diet

vegetarian dietIt is common knowledge that vegetarians and those who consume healthy plant-based diets enjoy more robust health. Yet, science never stopped from discovering what makes certain diets or vegetables special. Contrary to claims that vegetarians can run the risk of certain nutritional deficiencies, many studies repeatedly proved that a well-planned vegetarian diet can meet basic nutritional needs.

Vegetarian Diet vs. Colon Cancer

To stay benefiting from your vegetarian diet, it is suggested that you learn more about plant-based diets. One article that may just pique your interest is an article video by Jamal Andress in Newsy entitled Here’s One More Reason To Be A Vegetarian that says sticking to a vegetarian diet can lower the risk for colon cancer by 20 percent.

“A new study says a vegetarian diet can cut your risk of colon cancer by 20 percent compared to non vegetarians, and if you add fish to that veggie diet — making you a pesco-vegetarian — that number jumps to 43 percent. [Read more…]

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Sweet Foods and Saccharine Cocktails: Resisting the Irresistible

Sweet tooth - sweet foodsIt is not really surprising if you have a “sweet tooth” or loving desserts. It seems a huge fraction of the human population has that uncontrollable craving for desserts. Humans are inclined to like saccharine foods for a variety of reasons. Science tries to find a way to explain it.

In the article Why Did We Evolve a Taste for Sweetness? posted in Perfect Health Diet, Paul Jaminet points out what was shared by Seth Robert, which he heartily supports:

“… that food cravings are driven by nutritional deficiencies … which is why it’s so important for those seeking to lose weight to be well nourished … “Why do we like sweet foods?” His suggested answer was that the taste for sweetness encouraged Paleo man “to eat more fruit so that we will get enough Vitamin C.”

A WiseGeek article entitled What is a sweet tooth? says…

“… humans are predisposed to like sweet foods for a variety of reasons, some humans have even stronger sweet-liking genes, and others are conditioned to like sweets. [Read more…]

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