Port – the Wine that is Easy to Love

Port or Vinho do PortoPort or Vinho do Porto is a fortified wine produced in northern Portugal’s Douro Valley. This sweet, red wine is known throughout the world simply as Port, and it is a wine that is extremely easy to love – even for beginners.

The Making of Port

Port can be made from a wide variety of grapes, but the five most widely cultivated varieties are Tempranillo, Touriga Francesca, Tinta Cão, Tinta Barroca, and Touriga Nacional. Of these five, Touriga Nacional is considered the best grape for Port.

Port is one of the many wines that are fortified. This means brandy or some other grape spirit is added to the midstream during the fermentation process. This allows the wine to retain the original flavor and sweetness of the grape so that each sip is smooth, round, and rich. Once the wine has been fortified, it is stored and allowed to age in oak barrels. [Read more…]

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Champagne: The Ultimate Wine for Dessert

Champagne The Wine DessertThrough centuries, champagne has inspired praises from connoisseurs, and to this day, it is a special treat when a meal is crowned with this clear, effervescent creation. There is a reason why champagne is considered the ideal wine for dessert. Epicurious, a website devoted to food and wine, gives the perfect reason for this. Chris Hallowell in this post “Champagnes and Sparkling Wines Perfect for any Celebration” shares this:

“…Consider these factors: Most bottles are blended from different vintage wines, resulting in a cuvée that’s greater than the sum of its parts; they tend to showcase minerality, a characteristic that adds depth to fruity, savory, meaty, and gamy flavors; and these wines possess an unparalleled acidity that cuts through rich, fatty dishes and surmounts even high-acid ingredients such as tomatoes or vinegars.”

Dessert and Wine Pairings [Read more…]

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