Soup for the Soul

soup - food for the soulThe “Chicken Soup for the Soul” is more than a book; it is an international brand that sold over 5M copies, translated in 40 languages, distributed in 100 countries, and counting. It took time before Jack Canfield, the author, thought of the title that gave this book an unprecedented success. The title is apt because like the comfort food chicken soup, the book brings comfort to people looking for inspiration and hope.

Now back to the chicken soup as the ultimate comfort food. It brings back memories of childhood, home and family. During winters, it provides everyone around the table some warmth to ward off the chills. And if you’re feeling downhearted or ill, a bowl of chicken soup is a promise that everything will be better. Thus, Johanna Derry asks: Comfort Soups: Nostalgia in a bowl or magic medicine? Read about it in The Guardian as she presents the versions from three chefs: [Read more…]

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