The Essential Cranberry Sauce for Thanksgiving

Cranberry sauceNo matter how plump or well roasted the turkey is, your feast will not be complete without a bowl of cranberry sauce, an essential side dish for Thanksgiving. Although cranberry sauce is a relatively recent addition to the traditional Thanksgiving table, it is an offering that has been embraced as a fitting and indispensible contrast to the turkey and its usual trimmings.

How Cranberry Entered the Thanksgiving Picture

Cranberries are native to North America, predating the presence of the first Pilgrims who came aboard the Mayflower. Their availability in the New World, however, did not mean it was present during the first Thanksgiving meal. In The History Behind 5 Thanksgiving Traditions Americans Love of The Blaze, Billy Hallowell says while these fruits cranberries were very present in America and easy to access, “…The Pilgrims likely weren’t devouring the commodity. Considering that sugar — a key component of cranberry sauce — was a luxury item when the first Thanksgiving unfolded, making the jam was expensive. [Read more…]

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