Dining on Escargot


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If you watched “Pretty Woman” you probably remember the scene where Julia Roberts catapults an escargot with her fork and refers to the dish as “Slippery little suckers.” If you love escargots, you probably have refined, epicurean taste buds. More commonly referred to as snails, eating these creatures is an acquired taste.

How the French Prepare Escargot

Trust the French to create a glamorous dish out of the most humble ingredient: the snail. Not all snails are edible or considered acceptable for dining; the varieties that grace tables are the Helix pomatia, the Helix lucorum, and the Helix aspersa. [Read more…]

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Low Country Kitchen: Southern Food For Warmth and Friendship

Low country kitchen“Southern food is about more than just fried chicken and fatback,” says Virginia Willis, author of  Bon Appétit, Y’all, Basic to Brilliant, Y’all, and Lighten Up, Y’all. She also emphasized that Southern foods is not really unhealthy, which is a commonly perceived notion. Willis said that it is “actually a vegetable-based cuisine.”

Rick McDaniel, food historian and writer from South Carolina, shares the same view about Southern foods. He said in his website ChefRick’s Southern Cooking:

Southern cooking is a unique blend of European, African and Native American foods and cooking techniques. From the Cajun and Creole flavors of New Orleans to the down home tastes of soul food to the unique blend of rice and seafood that makes Low Country cooking so delicious, you won’t find better food anywhere on earth. [Read more…]

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