Cobblers – The Refreshing, Delicious, and Easy Dessert Option for the Holidays

cobblerThere is a lot of cooking to be done during the holidays, and it is a relief to find good dessert recipes that don’t entail a lot of time and effort. Cobblers are just the solution for busy cooks – and they can be dressed up to look fancy enough to grace any holiday spread.

How Cobblers Got to the Dining Table

In What’s Cooking America’s History and Legends, Linda Stradley says “Early settlers of America were very good at improvising. When they first arrived, they bought their favorite recipes with them, such as English steamed puddings). Not finding their favorite ingredients, they used whatever was available. That’s how all these traditional American dishes came about with such unusual names. Early colonists were so fond of these juicy dishes that they often served them as the main course, for breakfast, or even as a first course. It was not until the late 19th century that they became primarily desserts…”

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