Baba-Nyonya Cuisine: Taking Coconut Milk and Spices to a new Height

Baba-Nyonya Cuisine

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Baba-Nyonya cuisine also known as Nyonya or Pernakan cuisine is a delicious fusion of Malaysian ingredients and Chinese cooking. This hybrid cuisine is among Southeast Asia’s finest and pride borne from intermarriages between the two cultures in the 15th and 16th centuries.

Kiki Deere delves into the historical background of this cuisine in the post Baba-Nyonya Cuisine: 6 Dishes You Need to try in Malaysia for Rough Guides. She said:

, “At this time Melaka was was an important Portuguese and Dutch trading route, and the quest for spices resulted in a European community with large plantations growing cloves, pepper and nutmeg. Eager to benefit from these riches, and hoping to escape famine and poverty during Manchu rule, Chinese merchants and entrepreneurs flocked to Melaka. The Chinese settlers, who were largely male, intermarried with Malay women, and so the Baba-Nyonya community was born.”

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Unraveling the Secrets: Authentic Chinese Stir fry Dishes from Your Kitchen

Chinese stir fryIf a quick dinner at home is what you’re craving for, there is another option than just ordering a take out from some fancy fast food or restaurant: Chinese stir fry. Who doesn’t love the goodness of richly-flavored vegetable-meat mix cooked briefly over a big flame? It is served piping hot, the veggies are still crisp, the meats are laden with flavors, and the sauce is to die for. It is a great way to keep dinner simple, fast and super delicious.

There is one big problem though; the Chinese have been tight-lipped when it comes to their cooking secrets. If you are a big fan of Chinese style stir fry food, you know there is that particular taste and texture that you couldn’t copy at home. Despite your best effort, what comes out of your wok is not close enough to what you are hoping to achieve. Maybe it still tastes good, but something’s amiss. [Read more…]

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